Come Along

Each of us is important to the rest of us

Long ago there was a time when I felt all alone,
Nobody would talk as l stood out there on my own;
Wandering around the edge of every single game
'til that magic moment when l heard them call my name

Come along, you belong,
Come along, like a song,
And when you come along
We are strong.

And we need you to come
Like the earth needs the sun,
Come along, you belong;
We are one.

Now I know that when I speak there's someone there to hear.
There's someone there to help me when I struggle with my fear.
I always have to do my part; it's waiting there for me,
And if I start to wander off, I hear this melody


If you ever feel alone, just like l used to do,
Start to look around you cause we're look in' out for you.
If you're small, we'll guide you;
If you're hurt, we'll help you out,
An arm around your shoulder,
And that old familiar shout: