I Want To Be the Best I Can Be

We grow towards our potential through both individual and group effort

I kicked a can along the street, and then a soccer ball
I'd rather kick that soccer ball than eat or go to school.
Someday i will be - on "All Star Soccer" on TV
My team will be up for the World Cup.

I want to be the best I can be,
I want to do all I can;
I want to be the best I can be,
I want to be who I am.

I used to jump upon the bed and stand on my head.
Now there are mats and there are bars, routines on the balance beam.
I’ll work 'til I claim a place in the Olympic Games
The medal l will hold will be gold.


I used to run among the hills alone, chasing butterflies.
Now they all say that l should run a race and win a prize.
All I’d like to do would be run the hills my whole life through;
No one there but me.
I’d be free.


We like to jump and climb and stroll, and roll and kick a goal;
We like to reach and bend and run, and feel the morning sun.
When we're on a team
We're a lot more than we seem.
When we play, we give and we live


We want to be the best we can be;
Our dreaming will take us far.
We want to be the best we can be,
We want to be who we are.