Most Valuable Player

We can be considerate (patient) competitors

I know a kid, used to play on my team. Most
Valuable player l know.
That player wasn't the best at the game. But to
Me that kid looked like a pro.

Played hard, played fair,
Treated other kids with care. No
Matter what the scoreboard said, that
Kid came out a winner.
Always won the game.

We had some games when nothing went right.
We would be badly behind.
That kid kept trying and never gave up
'til we were all out of time.


Some of us think that the referee hates us, so
Once in a while why not cheat?
That kid would always play by the rules
Even though we might get beat.


Some of us teammates would make a mistake, like
Kicking a ball the wrong way;
That kid would never give us a bad time, but
Just say "good try" -. "that's okay".


So any time that I play on a team
I want that kid by my side. But
I realize I can play that way too. It's
Finally time that I tried.

I’ll play hard.
I’ll play fair.
Treat the other kids with care. No
Matter what the scoreboard says,
I’ll come out a winner.
Always win the game.