Shine Like a Star

We are each both unique and connected

When I look out in the night,
I can see a million lights,
I can see a million stars.

People like you and l.
We sparkle like the sky,
Just by being who we are.

Shine like the morning star,
Spreading light from near to far;
Feeling proud of who you are,
Shine like a star.

Each star has its place to be
Shining through eternity,
Together they light up all the sky.
Different as we all may be,
This old world needs you and me,
Needs the special light we have to share.


There is no one just like you,
There is no one just like me;
We are all one of a kind
In this great big universe.
There's a place for all of us,
A place to grow; a place to dream.